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29th edition


So many restaurants to choose from…





Whether at the hotels or in town, Vanuatu’s cultural diversity, particularly in Port Vila, is reflected in the broad range of restaurants that are available.

Last but not least, and not to be missed, there is the market, with its array of freshly home-cooked fare enjoyed by the Ni-Vanuatu! A variety of lap-laps and other dishes can be enjoyed for a mere 400 or 500 vatu… and, for dessert, depending on the season, treat yourself to some tropical fruit such as mango, pawpaw, pineapple…














So, what shall we have today?


You will be spoilt for choice between the French, Asian, Indian and local styles of cuisine. Many restaurants take a delight in tickling your taste buds with subtle combinations of local produce (taro, yam, manioc, pawpaw…) and exotic products from afar. If you are keen to try out some of the country’s typical offerings, local specialities such as flying fox (fruit bat), nautou (local pigeon), lobster, oysters or ‘chevrettes’ (small fresh water prawns), are a good starting point!