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Health & medical emergencies



No vaccination is required on entry into Vanuatu. Numerous medical services are now available.
























No vaccination is required on entry into Vanuatu. However, it is recommended to take malaria prophylaxis – especially if travelling outside Efate – and to safeguard against the dengue carrying mosquito (Aedes aegypti) insofar as possible.

Although water from the tap is drinkable in Port Vila, when travelling around the islands it is recommended to drink water that has been boiled, or take water purification tablets (Hydroclonazone, Micropur…) with you or, better yet, bottles of mineral water.

Vanuatu does not have dangerous animals and insects.


>Pro Medical (VEMSA),
Port-Vila, 25566

Medical Centers

Port Vila:
>Emergency & Specialists
Medical Centre, 22219

>Medical Center, 22826

>Novo Medical, 26698

>Vanuatu Private Hospital,

>Vila Central Hospital , 112

>Medical Center , Luganville,
Santo, 37112 / 36993
>Church of Christ Medical
Santo, 36400 / 5536400



Port Vila:
>Dental Surgery (Dr Collard),

>Novo Dental, 26696

>South Pacific Smiles, 24995


Port Vila:
>The Drug Store , 22789

>Healthcare Pharmacy, 29627

>Healthwise Pharmacy, 25722

>Pharmacie du Vanuatu,22446

>The Drug Store ,
Luganville, 36799

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