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Work & legislation


Wether coming in the country as an employee or
as a business investor, strict rules are applied.

Anyway, the country does have enough resources
for people having a creative and innovative spirit!

















Working conditions

Obviously, a visa is necessary in order to live and work long term in Vanuatu.

Legal practitioners and accountants can assist with this sometimes disjointed process so as to compile all the relevant documents before submitting them to the various authorities involved.

The employment of local staff is also well legislated. The minimum wage now stands at 200 vt/hr for a 44-hour week, with 15 working days paid leave.

When it comes to employing foreign employees, it is important to learn about the local legislation. Indeed, the country protecting local jobs, you may encounter some restrictions.




The main contribution is to the VNPF, the Vanuatu National Provident Fund, being 8% of the employee’s salary (4% from the employer, 4% from the

This fee is applicable to both local and foreign employees.

Setting up a business

To set up a business requires going through seven major stages : obtaining a VIPA certificate, registering a company, obtaining a residency permit, a work permit (as the case may be), a business licence, registering with the VAT Office, registering with the VNPF...

All in all it is up-hill work and this
is where the legal practitioners and accountants can be of help, thus enabling you to save a lot of time.

Important contacts

For the employees:
Labour Department:

Tel: +678 33130 / 22610

VNPF (Provident Fund): +678 23808

For the investors:
+678 24096 / 24441

VFSC: +678 22247

Customs Government Bldg: +678 33010

Immigration Department : +678 22354

VNPF (Provident Fund): +678 23808

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