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Why invest in Vanuatu?


Vanuatu is a tropical paradise , with many
fiscal advantages. the country, firmly committed
to promote the investments, fits in a real
sustainable development approach


















Lyndsay Barrett, Manager & Associate of Barrett & Partners explains:

It is rare to find the combination of a fiscal and tropical paradise which exists in Vanuatu.
The country boasts an advantageous tax regime which is
enhanced by several unique features when compared to other
finance centres:
• There is no income tax, no withholding tax, no capital gains tax, no death duties and no exchange controls in Vanuatu.
Money is easily transferred in all major currencies.
• Vanuatu’s financial centre has been in operation for over 45 years, much longer than many of its competitors. Its infrastructure of lawyers, accountants, trust companies and banks is well established and this enables it to offer investors a reliable and high quality service “on the spot”.

• The country has a unique multicultural environment. This is inherited from Condominium times before its independence in 1980 when it was governed both by the French and the British.

There is no doubt that Vanuatu has a number of potential advantages as an investment location. The government is strongly committed to the promotion of new investment and will assist significant investment or investments in new industrial or agricultural pursuits as far as possible.

The government is also interested
in encouraging investment in tourism, fishing, forestry and timber products.
However, there are restrictions to ensure that natural resources are not over-exploited.


The thrust of government thinking is to encourage labour intensive industries, using local products that will lead to import substitution, or exports.
In this regard, Vanuatu has a lot of arable land which is under-utilised, and once cleared could be used for exportable crops.
Goods exported from Vanuatu generally enjoy concessions from the Vanuatu Government.

Accountants and lawyers in Vanuatu can help you finalise your project.
So, if you have a spare moment while in Vanuatu, don’t hesitate to call in to see one of the expert consultants who will help you achieve your dreams.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.




Specialists' helps

why not take advantage of your stay to think about investment opportunities?
In the capital, you will find several internationally renowned firms specializing in the establishment
of offshore companies, accounting expertise, management consulting, legal advice,
wealth management, business assistance or insurance. Do not hesitate to call on their services, they will meticulously examine each request, will propose you the answer best adapted to your needs,
and will make you benefit, in all confidentiality, of their know-how and their expertise.
The land of Vanuatu is a generous land where the expatriate community is particularly dynamic,
schools excellent and bilingualism a second nature.
So, if you have some money to invest or a sharp sense of business…




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