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The banking sector


The banking sector is very well structured
and sound. Vanuatu 
is no longer on the
‘grey list’ of ‘uncooperative tax havens’ (source :















The banking system comes under the supervision of the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu and is scrupulous in complying with international requirements.

There is no exchange control and the banking sector abides by the bank and trade secrecy rules.

Commercial banks such as Bred Bank, have well situated premises and offer a wide range of services : loans, deposit accounts, foreign currency accounts, on-line banking, etc.

There are also offshore banks, such as Pacific Private Bank or Moores Rowland Vanuatu , (opening an account outside of the country borders) which in turn offer


private personal wealth management services.

There is no lack of lawyers and chartered accountants available to provide advice and assist in managing your assets, finding simple and effective succession planning solutions (no death duties) or suggest appropriate investments, gild-edged or innovative.

Long story short, this haven with its tax incentives invites you to take advantage of its assets : bilingualism, know-how and variety of operators in a country with a strong economic development, which fits in with regional dynamics.

How to open an account

The country’s legislation provides for identification requirements when opening a bank account.

Remember to bring along a number of important documents to facilitate
the process, including:

• a valid passport,
• a valid driving licence (issued by your country of residence),
• a national identity card (not in the case of British nationals),
• a birth certificate,
• a recent income tax return (within the last 3 months),
• a recent public utility invoice (within the last 3 months),
• an employment letter …

NB: Some documents may not be acceptable, so check before you leave …

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