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Real Estate


Vanuatu is one of the most exotic
"asylum lands" for people wishing to
escape the madness of the world, said
"civilized", and dreaming of "another life"
If you have decided to try the adventure,
according to your needs, you can
either rent or buy













The country is well provided for and you can either rent or purchase, depending on your needs.
You can do the rounds of the real estate agents, but you can also refer to private advertisements through the social networks (FB : LivingInVanuatu, Tracey’s list).
Generally speaking, rental properties, whether houses or apartments, are on offer fully furnished.

There are many reasons for investing in Real Estate in Vanuatu. However for many investors, they simply want to enjoy the lifestyle and to have a little piece of Paradise for themselves.

The information in this feature
will give you a brief overview
to Real Estate Investment in
Vanuatu, but for specific details contact any of the major Real Estate Companies operating in Port-Vila.

Real Estate Services:
To any client, whether resident or foreigner, the local companies offer long-standing experience of  

Vanuatu, its laws and banking and company regulations together with familiarity with the customs of Vanuatu.

Land Leases:
No land in Vanuatu is freehold, therefore all land is leasehold. Leases usually extend for 50 or 75 years from the date of Vanuatu’s Independence in 1980, or from the date that a new lease is created. All leases are registered in the central government Land Records Department and all transactions on land leases must be registered.

Strata Title:
The Strata Title Act allows more choices in a property design or subdivision and opens the doors for large international projects as well as Tourism projects.

Rent Tax:
There is a flat rate of 15 % Rent tax or VAT (if commercial) payable on rental income in Vanuatu.
There are no restrictions on non-citizens and it’s not necessary to have either residency or employment in Vanuatu in order to purchase properties or businesses.

You can also decide to build. The houses must meet the anticyclonic and anti-seismic standards.
Architects, engineers and local building companies will be there to guide you in your projects.



Acquisition process

1. Sign Agreement for sale
and Purchase.
2. Pay the deposit (usually
3. When consent to transfer
approved, sign the Transfer of
4. Settle transaction.
5. Pay Stamp Duty on the
transfer (2%).
6. Register the Transfer at the
Lands Records Department
and pay 5% Registration Fee to
7. 1.1% Solicitor’s Costs






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