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Health conditions


The health system has improved significantly
since few
 years. Hospitals and private clinics
apply first aid 
in Port Vila and Santo and dispensaries are located in the outher islands
But whether you come on holiday or decide to
live in the country, your 
medical coverage
is not to be neglected





















From a medical point of view, Port-Vila has a hospital and private medical practitioners with good skills, sufficient to provide general care and treatment. From time to time, visiting specialists (cardiologists, dermatologists, etc.) attend to patients on a rotational basis. However, the health infrastructure is not quite adequate as yet and in the event of serious problems, patients are invariably medivaced out.
There are a number of chemists who stock most common medicines as well as their generic and French equivalents.

In Luganville, on Santo Island, there is a hospital and other medical support facilities, but in the other islands, heath care is provided mainly by small clinics and health centres.

It is vital for anyone settling in Vanuatu to check their medical coverage and take out health insurance if necessary.

There is no compulsory vaccination. However, it is 

recommended to update diphtheria-tetanos poliomyelitis (DTP) vaccinations, including, for children, German measles, mumps and measles.

Tuberculosis vaccination would also be preferable. Vaccinations against typhoid and hepatitis (A and B) could also be recommended.

Beware of mosquitoes!
Dengue epidemics can occasionally
break out: the symptoms are similar to those of ‘flu (high fever, painful joints, headaches) and there is currently no preventive treatment. However, there is no chikungunya
or malaria in Port-Vila itself, but in the northern part of the country. It is necessary to use insect repellents in the summer.

It is recommended to wash all local fruit and vegetables in vinegar.

Any cut or wound should be treated immediately with a desinfectant or with lemon juice to avoid the risk of infection due to the tropical climate.

Important contacts

- Pro Medical (VEMSA), Port-Vila, 115

Aeromedical Evacuations:
Air Alizés MEDEVAC,
Vanuatu : 5554455,
New-Caledonia: +687 289125

Médical Centres :
- Medical Center, 22826
- Novo Medical, 26698
Vanuatu Private Hospital, 22254
- Vila Central Hospital , 112
Churches of Christ Medical Santo, 36400 / 5536400

- Dental Surgery-Dr Collard, 22306
- Fairy Teeth Dental Clinic, 5691692
- Novo Dental, 26696
- South Pacific Smiles, 24995

- Healthcare Pharmacy, 29627
Healthwise Pharmacie, 25722
- Pharmacie du Vanuatu,22446
- Tana Plaza Pharmacy, 26 202
The Drug Store, 22789
The Drug Store, Luganville, 36799



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