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Education & Activities 

Vanuatu offers a rich environment
where trilingualism take an important
place in everyone's life
Many sports and cultural activities
enrich this idyllic setting
























The educational chart mirrors the country in that it is multiracial and trilingual.
There is a dual educational system in Vanuatu and parents can choose to send their children to English-medium schools or French-medium schools, both being the official languages of the country.

Aside from the national schools, PVIS (Port-Vila International School) offers a full range of classes, from kindy to junior secondary level, with teaching based on the Australian curricula.
With the opening up of additional classes for Year 11 and 12, this school can now take pupils through to university entrance.

On the French side, there is a French lycée, semi-private, fully accredited (under the AEFE) which offers the same curricula as in France. The school aims at being up to date, it is equipped with a science laboratory and committed to the digital era.
A bilingual teaching programme was introduced a number of years ago already. Classes run from kindy to the final year of senior secondary education (Terminale).




These schools operate on the basis of high level school fees and these need to be taken into consideration as a cost factor when choosing a school.

There are also several early childhood care and education facilities, where all three official languages are spoken, which enable children to learn to socialise at an early age.

Cultural & Sporting activities

There is no shortage of activities which can be undertaken within a reasonable distance from town.

Sports play an important part in Vanuatu and there are a number of well established and dynamic federations.

Clubs are not always that sustainable, but the teachers show lots of enthusiasm and commitment, even though they may only be around for a short while.

Watersports are well represented, and then there is dancing, music and, on a smaller scale, play-acting.

Port-Vila also has a cinema with very reasonable prices.

Important contacts 


Lycée Français Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio: (French School)
Tel: +678 22 926

Port-Vila International School (PVIS):
Tel: +678 23837 / 23994

Alliance Française:
Tel: +678 22 947


Tana Ciné:
Tel: +678 77 70 444

Alliance Française:
Tel: +678 22 947

List of sports fédérations:
Website: Vasanoc