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Vanuatu’s Economy

A strong potential of
economic development,
a country firmly established
in regional dynamics,
with quality services and
good living conditions,
Vanuatu is ideal for investment 







A strong potential of
economic development

In this country that a number of accommodating tax laws turned into a tax haven and where foreign capital nowadays represents two thirds of the GNP, food crops and subsistence fishing continue to set the gentle pace of life in most villages.

Although cocoa, coffee, kava, vanilla, pepper, pumpkin are starting to take off, copra remains the prime resource of a country where the economy also relies on the export of beef and fish and logging operations.

Tourism, one of the major growth industries

Tourism, despite the world-wide economic recession, represents a fast-growing sector, with a milestone of 100,000 visitors having been achieved in 2009.
Most of them come from Australia,
New Caledonia and New Zealand.

The country is now well established as an attractive tourist destination and significant potential exists for rapid growth.
Funds have been committed and the promotion and development of tourism continues to be actively encouraged.

Increased flights by airlines and the introduction of additional flights being scheduled have created a demand that is has 

tested both the capacity of existing hotels and the current infrastructure of the industry.

Le pays a vraiment besoin d’investissements, pas seulement pour moderniser les hôtels existants, mais aussi pour développer son tourisme par le biais de ses infrastructures et de son agriculture.

Dynamique régionale

Le Vanuatu poursuit en effet son ambitieux programme de coopération avec les principales économies du Pacifique, notamment l’Australie, la Nouvelle-Zélande et la Nouvelle-Calédonie, tout en s’attachant à promouvoir la solidarité régionale au sein de l’espace mélanésien.

Des services de qualité

Le pays dispose aujourd'hui d’un excellent service d’électricité et de télécommunications, et ne connaît pas de problèmes d’approvisionnement en eau.

An ideal environment 

In 2006 and 2009, the responsables of the Happy Planet Index granted Vanuatu the title of « The happiest country on Earth ». The HPI bases this rank to three indicators: the level of people's happiness,  the ecological footprint and life expectancy…

Invest and live in Vanuatu, means also choosing an exotic environment.








The Green Wave

The country is well aware of today’s stakes as a result of climate change and has decided to play the green card to promote the local economy and high quality agricultural products (cocoa, coffee, kava, vanilla, pepper, beef).
Renewable energy and fair trade are present throughout the country. Ecotourism is gaining ground.
The legislation banning the use of single-use plastic bags came into effect on July 1st, 2018.
This was as a result of a petition
calling for « no plastik bag, plis », at the initiative of a small group supported by the whole population. Following upon that, a Green Wave movement has just been established in support of an organic Vanuatu.
In addition, fishing bans have been imposed in several areas in order to protect marine life and support its reproductive capacity.



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