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Communication & media


Fixed or mobile networks, internet & television,
we have nothing to envy to our country's
close or far neighbours!
Whether you are a tourist, on a business mission
or living in the country, you will find
everything you need to stay connected












Over the past few years, Vanuatu has developed an internet network which compares very favourably with many other areas or regions in the world.

Fibre optic system has been installed since 2017, 4G+ is in operation and 4 telecommunication companies, Telecom Vanuatu Ltd, Digicel, Telsat and Wantok, offer a variety of packages.



Whilst connections in the islands are not perfect, they do exist.

The cable enables access to any number of TV programmes, in French or in English.
Several companies are established here (Canal+ , Telsat).

In terms of telephone networks, TVL and Digicel offer both mobile and fixed line (traditional or via internet) services.

Important contacts 

Telephone: fixe or mobile:
- Télécom Vanuatu Limited (TVL), 081111
- Digicel, 55 56000

- Télécom Vanuatu Limited (TVL), 081111
- Digicel, 55 56000
- Spim, 24 693
- Telsat Broadband, 27413
- Wantok, 29 833

- Canal+ Vanuatu, 23274
- Telsat Broadband, 27413




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