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Tanna : a boiling


bubbling Core !




Tanna would have to
be one of the most
exciting islands of the
Vanuatu archipology - no
wonder, with its myriad
of natural attractions
such as the world’s most
accessible volcano and
the numerous traditional
villages referred to as
“Kastom” which still live
as their ancestors did.







There are several accommodation options (in distance from the airport): The White Grass Ocean Resort, Tanna Evergreen Bungalows, Iamaltosing Guest House, Tafea Guest House, Uma Guest House, Lenakel Cove Resort, Jungle Oasis, Volcano Lodge, Friendly Bungalows, Turtle Bay Inn, Port Resolution Yacht Club.
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The landscape is varied and wild, dominated to the south by mount Tukosmera (1084m) and Melen (1047m) overshadowing ancient extinct volcanoes.
The island was first “discovered” in 1774 by Captain Cook who gave the name of his ship, the “Resolution” to the bay he anchored.








A variety of attractions

At its centre, a fertile and totally organic land called Middlebush grows the renowned “Tanna Coffee”, oignons, root crops and fruits to be sold throughout the archipelago.
In addition to the volcano, Tanna offers a variety of attractions such as the dance of the Toka. The John Frum Cargo Cult village of Sulphur Bay, the wild horses of White Grass Plains, hot springs of Port Resolution, deep waterfalls scattered throughout the island accessible by foot, and the traditional custom dancing which is a daily event in various villages.


The Toka

The NEKOWIAR Festival or TOKA is one of the most significant custom celebrations in the country.
Nowadays, the event, which used to mark the end of a tribal war, is a symbol of alliance and friendship between different tribal groups. Its preparation requires several months and can even spread over a full year.





John Frum and the Cargo Cult

It all started in 1940, when, now a mythical figure John Frum came along from the sea claiming that there would be a wealth of goods and money if only the Europeans would leave the island Soon after that, the arrival of American troops landed with planes, jeeps, radios and cigarettes giving credence to the myth. Red crosses were put up in the hope that medical care would continue to be provided free of charge. By then it had become obvious that John Frum must have been American (John from America).
Nowadays, this cult, which has attracted numerous supporters, is celebrated through prayers and dancing every Friday at Sulphur Bay. Every 15th of February, all the believers in this cult gather from all over the island to celebrate.

The Yasur Volcano

The Yasur Volcano is the most accessible live volcano in the world. You can drive or walk up to within 200 metres of the edge of the crater. Take an “afternoon to night” tour where you will experience the sunset followed by the magma explosions only seen at night.


Organize your stay:


There are daily flights to Tanna with the local airline Air Vanuatu to White Grass
Air Vanuatu, 26985
There is no regular bus service, however, you will find the occasional taxi, but negotiate the price beforehand.

Your best bet is to book through your travel agency or one of the local tour operators such as :

Adventures in Paradise,
Melanesian Tours, 26847