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Ambae and Maewo :


1, 2, 3... jump !









The island stretches North to South over some 60 km. The chain of mountains, dominated by Mount Vulmat (947 m) marks the dividing line between the humid, rainy eastern coast and the more temperate western coast.



Pentecost is a lush,
mountainous island but
is particularly wellknown
nowadays for its
"Naghol" (land-diving)
which is one of the
most spectacular and
impressive rituals in the
whole of the Pacific.







There are traditional fare or a guest room on the island:
River Lodge, 53 488467/
77 23374 – Jonas Tabi.
Waterfall Guest House
Vanabil Guest House
Marie Londot Guest House &
Nagol Bungalows
Panlike Bungalows
For more information, contact Vanuatu Tourism Office and the local tour operators

Naghol: spectacular


It takes place when the yams are ripe for the picking, in April/May, also the time of the year when the vines reach their maximum strength. Pentecost men take this jump in memory of Tamalie, victim of his wife's cunning, but it is also a ceremony to ensure a good crop of yams in the following year. According to custom, the men fertilize the earth upon touching it with their shoulders.
The very first jump was initiated by Tamalie's wife who refused to consummate the marriage and ran away, with her husband in hot pursuit. Endeavoring to escape from him, she climbed to the top of a banyan tree, then threw herself into the void when her husband tried to grab her. Tamalie followed her down, but killed himself on landing, whereas she got up unscathed, having tied herself to vines by her feet. Ever since then, the custom has been a man's prerogative. Every year, the men from Bunlap build a huge tower made of vines and timber around a tall tree with its branches lopped off. These towers can reach up to 35 m.






It is not unusual to see children jumping from the lower platforms. As a rule they have been circumcised and they enter the adult male world through this ceremony. Pentecost is also known for its traditional dancing. The circumcision ceremony is followed by the all-male dance of “Taltabwan”. The women's dance of the “Sowahavin” is more particularly practiced in Central Pentecost. The women wear red mats for skirts.

Organize your stay...

Local tour operators offers packages of 2 nights/3 days, or 3 nights/4 days all the year round out of Port Vila:

Wreck to Rainforest

Penama Province
Ph 5526026

Vanuatu Tourism Office
Ph (678) 22 813
























Maewo is a very
rugged island.
The mountainous
central chain and the
south east coast offer
many eco-tourism
























Famous American
novelist James A.
Michener called it the
most beautiful island in
the world and
it still is.





Learn the way of village life and see for yourself the biggest custom grave in Vanuatu some 50 meters square. Or simply relax in an en-suite room at Tui Lodge in the Provincial Saratamata and meet the friendly locals on a walk to the beautiful volcanic harbour at Lolowai.





The island of Bali Hai as featured in the epic film “South Pacific”, Ambae is the last frontier.
Don’t expect television, internet, fax, phone lines, restaurants, bars, shopping or even electricity but experience the friendliest people on earth.
Their culture and customs are legendary; many are still living as their ancestors did centuries ago.
In the Est of Ambae Chief Tari Godrington join Chief Gabriel of South Ambae in a walk to the top of Manaro Volcano listed in the top 10 most active volcanoes in the world. In East Ambae Chief Godrington Tari and his family are waiting to welcome you on their Vanue Sites and Cultural Tour.











Ambae is a volcanic island with two lakes occupying the twin volcanic craters - one blue, one yellow, one cool, one hot. The terrain is rugged covered with jungle. There are pathways everywhere but the roads are in poor condition so it is difficult to get around.


Contact the local tour operators. You migt have to call the following bungalows yourselfnor simply show up. You will pay the bungalow or guest house owner directly in Vatu.
Paradise Garden House,
Provincial Guest House
Tui Lodge 5379267





At the southern end of the island, Asanvari offers a safe mooring for yachts and the yacht club is a meeting place for yachters, tourists and locals. Good food, cold beer and wine while watching the sunset over the calm bay-heaven!!

Maewo receives the highest rainfall in Vanuatu and has many stunning waterfalls, lush flora and fauna, unique water gardens of taro and root crops, nature trails and more.Maewo appeals to naturalists who appreciate the uniqueness, the mystery as it is famous for its traditional magicians.