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Epi, a volcanic
island with plenty of
attractive features.
Not a great distance
away from Port Vila, it
is well serviced by air.

Offshore from Efate lies Epi Island























Epi’s economy is based mainly on cattle and kava which are sold in Port Vila, agriculture and fishing, mostly for local consumption, and tourism which is beginning to take off.

Getting to Epi

Epi is not very far from Efate and airfares are relatively cheap. It is on a regular shipping route from Ambrym, with a reliable weekly service to Lamen Bay.

By air

There are two airfields on Epi: one at Lamen Bay, with 2 flights per week, and one at Valesdir, with 3 flights per week.
A useful piece of advice, to make the most of Epi : fly to Lamen Bay, hire a taxi (costs approximately VT.7,500) and drive along the coast to Valesdir, to catch a return flight to Port Vila …

By sea

Quite a few island traders call in at Epi every week and most of them stop off on the west coast.

Land transport

The main road, which is not tar-sealed, runs along the west coast from Lamen Bay down to Valesdir, but you are unlikely to meet a lot of vehicles – maybe half a dozen at most – and there is no regular transport.







If you want to travel by car, you will have to wait for some vehicle to come along, or you can book private transport in advance. You could also hop on one of the many boats that travel up and down the west coast, the fare is the same as for public transport by road.



An unforgettable experience, that of swimming with Bondas, the local dugong (sea cow). You will find him waiting for you at Lamen Bay, his place of abode.
The sunsets are spectacular, not to be missed… There is surfing to the northeast of the island and diving in the protected maritime zone at
Nikaura !
And if you are keen trekkers, then grab your walking shows and head off to find the hidden face of Epi…


Although tourism is not as advanced as on many other islands, there is accommodation to be found, such as:

Epi Paradise Sunset Bungalows, to the north-west of the island, near Lamen Bay;

Nikaura Sunrise Bungalows on the eastern side of the island, in Drummond Bay;

Burumba Youth Guesthouse to the west at Burumba;

Epi Island Guest House in the south-western part of the island.