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29th edition
Being this close to an active volcano is a truly amazing experience! A team of professional and friendly local guides will ensure that you enjoy every moment, from traditional dances to spectacular vi... Read more
We are internationally known for the magnificent Mele waterfalls but over the years we also have developed other tours such as a day in Pele island (North Efate) or even in the outer islands of the ar... Read more
Guided tour through a series of tableaux, eight areas depicting aspects of traditional way of life to discover the culture of the island of Futuna in Vanuatu's Southern province: kastom dancing, walki... Read more
Tanna is an unspoiled paradise and we would be extremely proud to show you around our beautiful island. We have a variety of unique tours on offer and an excellent track record for providing quality s... Read more
Vanuatu is a spectacular island paradise of pristine tropical islands, active volcanoes, coral reefs and jungle wilderness - and a helicopter is key to unlocking all the amazing beauty this region has... Read more
Discover the fascinating culture, history, and what makes this amazing place so special - the people...... Read more