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A home sweet home treat

The holiday dream, this is also family meetings, relaxing time lightly dressed on a sofa, convivial meal among friends, laughing moments in the kitchen, etc.

This idea has developed into the concept of Appart-Hotel or even more spacious, in nice self-contained holiday homes.

What about doing the dishes you may say? Not a problem, most of these accommodation include hotel services that fit your most important needs.

The range is wide and there will be the perfect place for everyone.

... The ideal vacation option for liberty lovers!







Good choice of accommodation from the studio to the private villa with private swimming-pool incl. some 2 bedroom-apartments, all of them nicely decorated and with a view on the lagoon. Private beach,... Read more
A secluded hotel property with an inner city "retreat setting” featuring a quiet exotic garden and a relaxed friendly atmosphere.... Read more
Spacious, modern, air-conditioned and fully furnished apartments with amazing views of Port-Vila harbour. Located right at the heart of the city, this is just ideal for holidays or a business trip.... Read more